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Social Responsibility

We stand for maintaining a positive agenda for our company, and that also includes being responsible for our actions. We believe that every public company should be held responsible for important measures that affect everyone's lives. This includes ensuring American Catholic values when it comes to our business.

Environmental Responsibility

In 2016, we cut the usage of paper products from 90% to 25%. We no longer print paper receipts for our customers, and most record keeping is now kept in online files. This reduction helps us cut the cost and usage of paper, ink, and other materials that are harmful to our environment.

American Workers & American Products

Our company believes in our American workers, and anything made in America. We strive in finding talented American employees to help make our vision possible. Our company always looks to hire Americans first, and strives in supporting our made in America vendors. 



Social Responsibility

Community & Charitable Giving

Veterans & Clergy