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About Us

Founded on the principles of offering the highest quality, Woodington's is an omni-channel retailer. Our focus entirely on the customer is what drives our business. We are both a manufacturer and retailer of our own branded merchandise that is available on all major marketplaces and partnered store nationwide.

In 2016, Woodington's took over all operations of the stand alone brand, and changed the name into The Inspiring Catholic Store. With the agreements of the founders of the previous brand, it was decided the name of the company would remain the same. Woodington's under its current leadership, expanded what was of the brand into a major retail and consumer hub.

Following the acquisition, in 2020, Woodington's cut out middlemen and instead went straight to sources in both South America and China to expand our product lines. Launching new brands into both religious and secular marketplaces.

Woodington's today is one of the only major religious manufactures that takes advantage of both third-party marketplaces with their warehousing opportunities, direct customer service handling, and advertising capability, the company has cut costs in 2020-2021 to effectively compete against already established brands. 

Customer Focused

At Woodington's, what drives us is our customers. Without them, we would not be here today. When it comes to customer service, our customers rate us number one compared to other major outlets. Our brands are open seven days a week and more than twelve hours a day. We staff our call centers with both email, live chat, and phone agents that are ready and willing to assist our customers whenever they need help.

Our personal shopper focus is to help customers find what they are looking for. We take their feedback into improving our product(s) and brands to meet their needs. With a very generous rewards program, quality above quantity, and a committed focus, our customers drive our success.  

Direct to our Customers

We are not just a retailer, but as a full manufacturer we sell and market our branded merchandise to our customers directly. Through e-commerce, our company has seen sales from hundreds of thousands of dollars to becoming a million dollar company in 2021. With our group, we have made it easier than ever for already established retailers to sell our merchandise.

On all major platforms, our team has already established our brand's presence on these platforms. The importance of dominating the marketplaces is an important strategy for our company which will benefit our brands in the long run.

Not only do our customers enjoy the benefits of buying direct from the source, we have lowered pricing on our entire collection(s) to bring customers into our fold. With lower pricing than our competitors, and free 2-day shipping on our branded merchandise, our customers enjoy direct to consumer benefits.